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Rotary Storage Systems
Rotary Storage Systems
Maximizing office floor space is essential, given today's high facilities costs. Rotary Storage Systems are the space-efficient and cost-effective alternative to lateral and vertical files. Rotary Mobile Shelving offers the same capacity as conventional file cabinets in a fraction of the floor space and Rotary Storage Systems meet virtually every height requirement in the industry.

Rotary Mobile Storage allows you to do more with less - less space, less time and less labour.

Rotating Back-To-Back Storage Components
Rotary Storage units rotate to provide easy access to back-to-back storage compartments. When not in use, files can be locked in the closed position to present a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Roll-Out Reference Shelves
Optional roll-out reference shelves serve as handy work surfaces, making storage and retrieval more efficient, while providing a convenient way to review materials on the spot.

Sturdy Drawer Guides
Drawers roll out on sturdy ball-bearing guides to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

Simple Operation
To rotate, simply depress the foot pedal and gently push. Rotary Storage automatically stops in the next position - either fully-opened or closed. To address ADA issues, just lock the foot pedal in the "freespin" position. The optional Rotary Storage TouchPad Release, a waist-high, electronic keypad control, provides an extra measure of security, whilst offering an ADA-friendly alternative to the mechanical foot pedal and key lock.

Maxiumum Flexibility
The greater capacity of Rotary Storage is the result of innovative back-to-back revolving storage compartments. Our Rotary Storage units rotate to give access to two banks of stored materials, increasing flexibility in office design. Choose single-sided access when using them in alcoves or against walls and panels. Choose double-sided access when using them as room dividers. Either approach is effective when you want a space-saving way to share storage between workstations.

Security Drawers
For restricted access to confidential information or maintaining privacy for multiple users, Security Drawers are the answer. Simply issue keys to authorized personnel.

Key Lock Options
You decide whether one key unlocks multiple units or just one.

Secure Drawer Latches
Drawer latches, complete with torsion springs, keep drawers securely closed when not in use.

Adjustable Drawers and Shelving
Drawers and shelves can be adjusted vertically in increments of 1-3/4" (44 mm), permitting a wide variety of custom configurations. Fixed shelves snap into place without the use of hardware. Drawers and Roll-Out Shelves attach easily in seconds with our matching set screw design. It's just one reason our drawer options are the most versatile in the industry.

Rotary Storage is available in 20 standard colours to compliment any office interior. To ensure lasting good looks, the durable powder-coated finish is textured to conceal fingerprints and smudges. However, the real beauty is in its functionality. Rotary Storage Systems are an innovative way to conserve floor space and lower storage costs.

For further information regarding Rotary Storage or any of our Mobile Storage or Shelving solutions, please contact us.

Rotary Storage Systems
Rotary Storage Systems
Rotary Storage Systems

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